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Nissin Di622 MK2 Digital Flash for Nikon iTTL + Diffuser

Brand: Nissin
Product Code: NSS-Di622MK2-NK
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Price: RM650.00 RM470.00



Nissin Di622 Mark II (MK2) is compatible with Nikon's i-TTL system.
Those new digital TTL flash systems control the flash light with greater precision and stability.

The light distribution angle is automatically adjusted for the lens focal length. A high quality stepping motor sharply traces the lens movement with the same speed as that of the camera manufacturer's original flash model.


The flash beam covers the frame from 14mm (with a wide angle diffuser built-in) to 70mm of the digital lens.(*) For a longer lens,the flash head reflector position stays at 70mm. It turns 90 degrees upward and 270 degrees horizontally for bounce lighting.

The flash head also stores a small reflection panel for fill-in shots.
(*) The focal length for the traditional SLR camera is to be multiplied b a factor of 1.5.


The Di622 MK2 has a special photo sensor built-in. Place the Di622 off camera and the flash will synchronize with the master flash placed on your camera. This wireless remote flash system is called slave flash technology and is often used for a creative lighting efficiency.

Use the camera's built in flash, the camera manufacture's original flash or the Di622 as the master flash. Place one or more Di622 flash units away from the camera. The sensor circuitry of Di622 is compatible only with the latest pre-flash TTL system offered by Nikon.

NOTE: Nissin Di622 Mark II supports 3rd party flash trigger like Phottix Tetra, Aster, Strato and Atlas.

Additional Specifications:

Warranty 2 Years Schmidt Malaysia Warranty
Compatible Model Nikon cameras
Guide Number 44m, 145ft. (ISO 100), 62m, 205ft. (ISO 200)
Illumination coverage 24-105mm (16mm wide angle diffuser)
Turning head 90 degree upward, 90 degree to left, 180 degree to right
Power source 4 X AA or equivalent Mi-MH, lithium
Number of flashes 200-1500 flashes by fresh alkaline batteries
Recycling time 5 sec., with fresh alkaline batteries
Flash exposure control i-TTL for Nikon cameras
Manual (Variable power) 6 levels : Full - 1/2 - 1/4 - 1/8 - 1/16 - 1/32 powers
Wireless Mode SD: Slave Digital (with 6 level) 
SF: Slave Film (with 6 level) 
Wireless TTL remote Channel 1 Group A (Controlled by master flash)
AF Assist Light Infrared LED for distance of 0.7 to 6 meter
Color temperature 5,600K
Flash Duration 1/800sec. to 1/20,000sec.
Camera Contact Hotshoe , X-contact, External Synchro socket
Dimension 77(W) x 130(D) x103(H) mm / 30(W) x 51(D) x 40(H) inches
Weight 315g (without battery) / 11oz


Package Includes:
  • 1 x Nissin Di622 MK2 Digital Flash for Nikon iTTL
  • 1 x Diffuser
  • 1 x Stand
  • 1 x Velour Pouch
  • 1 x Instruction Manual
  • 1 x Mini CD (User Manual)

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Nissin Di622 MK2 Digital Flash for Nikon iTTL +  Diffuser
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