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YONGNUO Flash Speedlite YN600EX-RT for Canon AS Canon 600EX-RT

YONGNUO Flash Speedlite YN600EX-RT for Canon AS Canon 600EX-RT

Brand: Yongnuo
Product Code: YN-600EX-RT
Availability: In Stock
Price: RM650.00 RM599.00



1, Supports RT System
One YN600EX-RT can be used as on-camera master unit and remote slave unit of Canon’s RT system,and supports Gr grouping mode.

2, Fully Compatible with YONGNUO YN-E3-RT,Canon’s 600EX-RT/ST-E3-RT Wireless Signal
One YN600EX-RT can be used as master unit to trigger YONGNUO YN600EX-RT,Canon’s 600EX-RT,and live display the flash groupings of slave unit and recycling information; One YN600EX-RT can ]respectively receive the wireless signal of master unit YN600EX-RT、YN-E3-RT、Canon’s 600EX-RT/ST-E3-RT, realizing remote TTL、M and Gr flash.

3, High Guide Number, Supports High-speed Sync
GN60@ISO100,200mm;supports high-speed sync TTL, manual flash, Gr grouping flash, the highest synchronous speed can reach 1/8000s

4, Supports USB Firmware Upgrade
The YN600EX-RT equipped with the USB interface, supports firmware upgrade, the users can download the upgrade firmware through the Yongnuo official website to upgrade the flash.

5, Supports Wireless Optical Slave function
The YN600EX-RT supports YONGNUO, Canon’s and Nikon’s wireless optical master signal, supports S1 and S2 pre flash cancel mode.

6, Support Auto/Manual Zooming
The YN600EX-RT supports auto and manual zooming, the flash coverage can be changed between AUTO, 20~200mm.

7, Settings Save Automatically, Supports Custom Settings (Fn)
The parameters on the flash will automatically save when the flash turned off; the users can customize setting the flash function as needed.

8, Ultrafast Charging Recycle System, Supports External Power Supply

9, Equipped with Big Size LCD Display Screen, Standard PC Synchronous Interface


Package Including:

  • 1 x Flash speedlite YN600EX-RT
  • 1 x Mini Stand 
  • 1 x Manual in English and Chinese
  • 1 x Original box



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YONGNUO Flash Speedlite YN600EX-RT for Canon AS Canon 600EX-RT
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