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DBK MBP-120 V Mount Battery (7800mAH)

DBK MBP-120 V Mount Battery (7800mAH)

Product Code: DBK MBP-120 V Mount Battery (7800mAH)
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Price: RM440.00


DBK Mini V-Mount battery
- Three models available in different capacities
- Environmentally friendly lithium battery, no memory effect
- Short circuit and overheat protection
- Dual D-Tap power supply
- Dual USB power supply
- Level 5 battery display
- Compatible with V-Mount power splitter
- Does not include charger

Specification :
Input: DC 16.8V/5A(Max)
D-Tap 1: 14.8V/10A(Max)
D-Tap 2: 14.8V/10A(Max)
USB 1: 5V/2.1A
USB 2: 5V/2.1A
Dimenion: 100.8 x 128 x 56mm

Model: MBP-120

Capacity: 7800mAh/115W
Weight: 750g

Model: MBP-150
Capacity: 10050mAh/148W
Weight: 800g




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DBK MBP-120 V Mount Battery (7800mAH)
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