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Camera Lens Cap Buckle For 72mm 77mm 82mm

Brand: Camzilla
Product Code: Cap Buckle
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  • Holds Three Sizes of Lens Caps
  • Securely Holds Your Lens Cap
  • Attaches to Your Camera's Strap
  • Stackable for Multiple Lens Cap Sizes
  • Does Not Use a Dangling Cord
  • Won't Interfere with Lens, Camera
  • No Modifications to Lens Cap Required
  • Keeps Dust, Dirt Off Lens Cap
  • Made in the USA


    This Lens Cap Holder from Capbuckle holds 82mm, 77mm, and 72mm lens caps, and provides you with a secure and out-of-the-way system to hold your lens cap. The design copies the front of your lens and is sized to hold the cap. The Capbuckle threads to your shoulder strap eliminating the need for any dangling cap holder that might swing in front of your lens. Just squeeze the locking mechanism on your lens cap and put it in the Capbuckle where it remains locked on the camera's strap.

    The Capbuckle holds different sizes of lens caps on each side of the holder. Multiple Capbuckles can be attached to your camera strap to accommodate various size lens caps. This is a lightweight, durable way to make sure your lens cap is safe and readily accessible.

    Securely holds the lens cap in place - just like your camera's lens

    Does not require any modification to camera or lens cap

    Easily attaches to your camera's neck strap - like threading a buckle

    Does not dangle or cause interference with pictures, lens or camera

    Lightweight, durable

    Material ABS plastic
    Attachment Method Threads on your camera strap


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Camera Lens Cap Buckle For 72mm 77mm 82mm
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