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GoPro 3D HERO System Waterproof Housing & 3D Synchronization System for Dual HD HERO Cameras

GoPro 3D HERO System Waterproof Housing & 3D Synchronization System for Dual HD HERO Cameras

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The GoPro 3D HERO System for HD HERO is a full system for recording stereoscopic 3D high-definition video with your two 1080p HD HERO cameras. (You do have two 1080p HD HERO cameras already, yes?) Including waterproof housing components, a 3D sync cable to connect the two cameras, mounts & mounting hardware, plus access to simple-to-use 3D editing software, the 3D HERO System is an amazingly compact HD 3D rig. But perhaps more significantly, it represents a remarkably simple way to capture and edit 3D video – a task that until very recently required Hollywood-level expertise and a budget to match.

Rated down to a very deep 180', the waterproof housing latches shut simply and holds both cameras side by side, with one of them upside-down so their lenses can be closer together. A synchronization cable keeps their shutters yoked, so that after you turn both cameras on, all you have to do is press one of the shutter releases to start recording dual synched streams of high-definition video. (As you're recording 3D video, you're also recording 2D video on both cameras, of course, so you can use that for viewing on traditional 2D displays.)

Back on dry land – or at least back from shooting your stereoscopic directorial debut – it's time to edit and view your 3D video. The 3D HERO System includes access to GoPro CineForm Studio. This software shares many elements with the CineForm stereoscopic 3D editing software that's used as a key component in most high-end 3D workflows. But with an automatic mode, it's simple enough for just about anyone to use. The software imports your 3D HERO System MP4 videos and photos and converts them into 3D files.

Once that's done, you can adjust the alignment, color, exposure, speed (by applying a slow-motion effect), and more. Then, for viewing your completed 3D video, the software gives you several options, from the simple (red/blue output for viewing with the included anaglyph glasses on 2D TVs, computers, YouTube, etc.) to the cutting-edge (active output for viewing on active-shutter 3DTVs or passive output for viewing on polarized TVs). With the 3D HERO System, it's simple to capture and share your life – in three dimensions.

Note! The two required 1080p HD HERO cameras are not included. The 3D HERO System is not compatible with the HD HERO 960 or standard definition cameras. A firmware upgrade is required for your 1080p HD HERO cameras.


  • 3D HERO sync cable enables recording in perfect synchronization
  • Record 3D & 2D video and stills all at once
  • Includes two flat and two curved adhesive mounts, and assorted mounting hardware
  • The housing's mounting system is compatible with all GoPro accessories

Features :

  • 3D System for (2) 1080p HD HERO Cameras
  • Underwater Housing Rated to 180' (60 m)
  • Capture 2D/3D Video and Stills at Once
  • Includes Easy to Use 3D Editing Software
  • Anaglyph, Active & Passive 3D Output
  • Synchronization Cable
  • Various Mounts & Mounting Hardware

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GoPro 3D HERO System Waterproof Housing & 3D Synchronization System for Dual HD HERO Cameras
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