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New Sundry D026 Dry Cabinet for Digital DSLR Camera Lens

New Sundry D026 Dry Cabinet for Digital DSLR Camera Lens

Brand: SUN DRY
Product Code: SDY-D026
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New Sundry D888 Dry Cabinet for Digital DSLR Camera Lens

*As dry cabinet is large and heavy item, free delivery only available for Peninsular customer, Sabah and Sarawak customer need to pay for subsidized postage.

W40CM x D34CM X H38CM
6 Year Warranty from Local Distributor
Back to back order

Tests have demonstrated that almost any lens will begin to grow fungus within weeks of exposure to damp, dark, warm conditions, typically like in a camera bag or store room. So try to avoid such conditions whenever possible.

Tropical climate provides the most ideal conditions for fungus growth, but the growth will stop at humidity levels below 50%.

Dry Cabinets dehumidification technology will keep your valuable equipment or goods at the right temperature and humidity and protect it from fungus.

Recommended humidity levels:

50% - 40%
Paintings, antiques, paper money, stamps, ancient volumes

45% - 40%
Video cameras, lenses, microscopes, telescopes, film slides, negatives, video recorders, CD / DVD's, floppy discs, computer equipment, musical instruments, artistic products, ancient objects, dresses, leather articles, medicines, teas & spices

40% - 30%
Semiconductors, high polymers, chemical raw materials, precise instruments, optical measuring devices, electric and electronic parts, components and semi-products

30% or below
Reagents, seeds, special chemical medicines, perfumes


  • - Fast drying capability
  • - Accurate & exact humidity control
  • - No first time seasoning
  • - Tamper proof glass door with lock
  • - Energy saving (5 watt)
  • - No thermal or noise effect (completely silent)
  • - Anti-Rust Cabinet
  • - Bigger size and thicker compare to other same capacity cabinet.
  • - Stronger built quality, long lasting than many other dry cabinet.
  • - Sundry has been in Malaysia for more than 15 years, Efficient and good quality guarantee.

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New Sundry D026 Dry Cabinet for Digital DSLR Camera Lens
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