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Wondlan Skywalker SK03 3-Axis Gimbal Handheld Groscope Stabilizer Load 2kg

Brand: Wondlan
Product Code: SK03
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Price: RM2,800.00



  • Made of Aluminum-Magnesium Alloy and Carbon Fiber, which maintains high quality and lightens the body. Comes with A Aluminum Protective Case which can serve as a temporary docking base for the Gimbal while balancing.
  • 1.3-4.4lb/600-2000g Super Compatibility, SK03 supports a wide range of DSLR and mirrorless cameras such as Panasonic GH2 GH3 GH4 Sony A7 5D2 5D3 and those lighter than 5D, lenses below 24-70.
  • take turn to use the two sets of stand ard batteries ,a battery lift up to 6-10 hours ,meet your needs for various shoots

    Wondlan Skywalker SK03 3-Axis Gimbal Handheld Groscope Stabilizer Load 2kg


    1. More convenient to assemble

    Integrated package, point and shoot, quick assembly and disassembly, save more time for shooting, even a jackaroo can also take it leisurely and unoppressively


    2. More concise appearance

    High strength aluminum alloy integral forming without exposed wiring


    3. More robust configuration

    Chip upgrade

    Optimization made based on original 3-chip 32-bit processor ensures stability precision and smooth shooting while providing powerful power


    Motor upgrade

    51c24N powerful motor is specially adopted to optimize motor stability. Built-in VRM can maintain the body stability when battery is low, without affecting picture shooting.


    4. Upgraded sensors are more stable

    4 upgraded sensors, 3 separate high-precision encoder 

    1 posture sensor ensures the picture not to shake but to be more stable


    5. Make the camera safer

    Stabilizer mounting plate is granted with protection function. When the mounting plate slips out, the stop block will lock the platform.


    6. Optimization of handle

    More moderate in thickness, the handle is optimized according to ergonomics. Enhanced friction greatly improves the accuracy of shooting.


    7. Long battery life:

    Take turn to use the two sets of standard batteries. A battery life up to 6-10 hours meets your needs for various shooting.


    8. Easily Balance without tools

    No need of any tool, finely adjust the balance by turning the screw manually before shooting. It takes you only 30 seconds to prepare your cameras for shooting.


    Kindly reminder: The camera can be used directly without adjusting balance, but this will shorten battery life and increase motor load. All 3-Axis Gimbal Stabilizers so called no need to adjust are traded with shooting time and damage to motor.


    Compatible with most majority of mirrorless cameras and DSLR cameras on the market. Ranging from 600g-2000g, Skywalker is widely applicable for many shapes and weights of devices, such as Panasonic GH4, Sony A7 series and 5D SLR, mirroless cameras and DV devices.


    9.Classic split structure

    The handle is separated from the body. The wireless control distance can extend to 15 meters( open air). One camera can realize various applications, saving much time. 


    10.Operation Tips:

    There is a 1/4 thread on top of the handle, which can be removed as needed. Connect Video tripod, Jib, Slider and other ancillaries.

    2S Fast Positioning

    During the operation, the camera can be promptly moved to the position you want if you point your figure at the position for 1.5 second times of stay for a certain position. 


    11. Five-Way Joystick Control

    The commonly used functions are centered in Joystick Control area and featured by one-button control.

    (1)Upward direction

    (2)Downward direction

    (3)Left direction

    (4)Right direction

    (5)Press Vertically to switch over the shooting modes



    Material: aluminum alloy + carbon fiber

    Weight of the main body: 1290g (exclude battery, wireless control handle and dual-handle)

    Weight of the wireless control handle: 170g (Exclude batteries)

    Weight of the dual-handle assembly: 600g

    Input voltage: 16-25V

    Working current: 0.08A

    Working period: 2-5 hours, and the control stick can operate for 12 hours

    Dimension of the product: 20*20*38cm

    Weight-bearing scope: 600g-2000g

    Joystick Control: Direction Axis, Pitch Axis, Working Mode

    Control speed: 1.8-36 degree per second

    Control angel: 360 degree for direction axis without limitations. +/-90 degree for pitch axis

    Wireless control handle: the distance for the wireless control is up to 15 meters.(spacious without any shields)



    1x Mainbody + dual-handle assembly

    1x Top Handle Assembly

    1x Aluminum box

    5x 14500 3.7v battery

    1x Battery charger

    1x Straight screwdriver

    2x M3 socket head wrench

    1x Operation manual

    1x Warranty card

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Wondlan Skywalker SK03 3-Axis Gimbal Handheld Groscope Stabilizer Load 2kg
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